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I'm driving home last night see a huge pile of debris (yard waste) in the road in front of my house. After inspecting further, I see an "OOPS" tag on the bin indicating that it was too heavy. I open the lid and 1/3 of the bin (it was full prior) was gone and dumped into the street. I wasn't upset that the bin was too heavy. I was pissed off that the driver had to lift the bin, determine it was too heavy and spill it while doing so, then left it! He had time to fill out Allied's juvenile "OOPS" tag but couldn't clean up the mess HE MADE! I proceeded to scoop and shovel the debris that Allied left into three bio bags for pick up and reducing the weight of the bin.

The next morning I called Allied and spoke with "Doreen". She went onto explain that their drivers aren't allowed to pick up messes they create and need to call a supervisor. I explained obviously he didn't because the mess was still there. "Doreen" then asked how do I know that Allied made the mess, and I quote, "maybe a dog knocked it over". the bin was too heavy for the actual GARBAGE TRUCK to pick up with an hydraulic arm and so a dog could knock it over. What a fricken' joke.

I then told "Doreen" that I cleaned up their mess and requested service to come back out. She said that they would not do that and I had to wait another two weeks for the next service...

At this point, I was so pissed, I couldn't see straight. Ummm who is the customer and who is paying for services???

I asked "Doreen" for her email address. She said that she didn't have one? Are you kidding me. No email address? "Doreen" has obviously been there for 30 years and just hides behind Allied so she or Allied don't have to do ***. They know customers are stuck. They are the only garbage service in town, their union, and they do as little as humanly possible with no recourse for customers. "Doreen" and Allied can go screw themselves as the WORST service I have experienced.

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